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COVID-19 Statement & Reopening Policy

Information for clients and patients regarding our change of policies due to COVID-19.

Please ensure you take the time to read and understand any and all written information sent to you in advance of your appointment. Staff reserve the right to deny entry to the clinic or ask you to leave if safety, theirs or yours, is compromised in any way.

We are delighted to be able to offer a service again, but in order to ensure we provide a safe environment and a safe treatment whilst the population remains at risk from this virus we will be taking the following steps.  These represent huge compromises for both us and you, but hopefully you can see the logic and are reassured somewhat by the new measures we are taking to in order to provide your treatment as safely as possible.

It is important to keep in mind, there are no known means to absolutely guarantee zero risk of transmission.

Please do not hesitate to cancel your appointment;

  • if you don’t feel well
  • If any of your family members have symptoms
  • If anyone you have been in contact with has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • If you are anxious and don’t feel safe to come.
  • if you have ANY symptoms at all, that are not normal for you, give us a call and we will advise. Don’t just come along and ask us when you get here.


To keep contact time to a minimum, and to minimise the risk of transmission we will do the following;
You will receive a telephone call from Lucia 24-48 hours prior to your appointment to ask you some simple pre-screen health questions relating to COVID-19 status. If you are unable to answer this call, it will be followed up with a text message that you can reply to. Please reply to this as soon as you are able to enable us to confirm your appointment.

Given the long waiting list and change of opening hours, our diary will be fully booked for quite some time. We will therefore be implementing a new ‘Non-refundable booking / deposit policy’. This will be sent separately and we ask you to appreciate the reasoning behind this, we have never felt the need to take deposits to secure bookings, however these are unprecedented times and the new normal will require extremely stream lined, efficient working and we feel this will help us to run smoothly. Please be aware, no bookings will be secured until deposits are received and appointments will be held for 24 hours before being offered to other clients.

All new clients and most familiar clients will have a remote consultation prior to attending with your practitioner via video chat, to discuss your treatment and answer any questions. 

We will also follow up in the same way. Please advise us if you have any privacy or confidentiality concerns.

Please wear a face covering to your appointment.

Our apologies, toilet facilities will not be available to clients whilst these measures are required, as the additional cleaning protocol required would not be practical for staff.

Talking during your appointment must be kept to a minimum, to reduce the risk of droplet transmission and also because talking is difficult for the practitioner whilst wearing a mask. 

Please do not wear any make-up to your appointment, it takes time to remove it and requires avoidable close contact.

Please arrive on time. We are managing appointments very tightly to ensure only a minimal number of patients in the clinic at a time.

Please come alone, we will have no waiting facilities either for early arrivals or friends and family members.

You will be met with a warm smile, but sadly, usual friendly greetings such as hand-shakes or hugs will be avoided.

We will be waiting for you with the door open at your given appointment time, please try not to use the buzzer, however if for some reason we are not there , please ring the bell to alert us and enter the building. Take a seat in one of the designated chairs and wait to be called in.

You will be asked to clean your hands at the sanitising station on arrival. Your temperature will be taken using a non-touch forehead thermometer and this will be documented. We will be unable to treat you should you have a temperature of 37.3 or above .

You will then be escorted straight to the treatment room. We will ask that you keep hands in your pockets or folded to avoid touching any surfaces.  Doors will be opened and closed for you.

Please bring as little with you as possible, just essential items. Leave unnecessary bags, coats etc at home or in your car. On arrival, you will be asked to put coats, hand bag, keys and phone etc in a crate which can be kept with you. Staff reserve the right to ask you to return unnecessary items to your car.

If you think you will need a drink, please bring your own bottle of water. We think this will be safer for you and our staff.

Your practitioner will have prepared the room, including disinfecting any surfaces before your arrival. They will be wearing a face mask, and apron and will wash hands and put on gloves before making any contact with you.

Conversation is difficult whilst wearing a mask, so please understand we will not be as chatty as usual. We also need to keep contact time to a minimum, so whilst we won’t rush your treatment, we will endeavour to be as efficient as possible.

You will be sent all information leaflets, medical questionnaires and consent forms via email at least 24 hours before your appointment. Please ensure you read through these thoroughly and raise any concerns or queries before your appointment via call or text on 07468526494.

Please complete the medical health questionnaires prior to your appointment and email / scan / photograph these and forward onto us to enable us to identify any issues as early as possible. This will not replace a face to face consultation required by law for prescription medication in aesthetics, however it will allow us to cut down the time required in clinic by discussing these issues over telephone beforehand. If you are unable to do this please do let us know and we will work around it. If you are required to sign anything in clinic this will be on the iPad that will be disinfected between each patient and remains in the clinic at all times.

We are taking every available measure to manage risk to both our staff and patients. However, read the consent form very carefully, and be sure you are satisfied you understand and accept the risks and terms described. It is possible a further lock-down will be imposed and should that happen whilst we will, of course, look after you, we will be unable to see you and any assessment, management and support can only be provided by telephone or video call, remotely. Corrective procedures will be delayed until lockdown is released. If this risk is unacceptable you should not proceed with any treatment. No refunds or financial compensation can be offered for circumstances beyond our control. By booking a treatment you are accepting these risks and terms.

Payment by bank transfer is preferable to minimise contact, however card payments and cash are still accepted and will be taken within the treatment room. Card machines will be cleaned between each client and we will ask you to place cash in an envelope (which we will provide) that will be stored in a designated box for 72 hours before being handled.

You will be asked to wash your hands in the treatment room before leaving, singing Happy Birthday out loud is optional!

A number of different precautions by staff will have been put into place to reduce the risk of transmission – all unnecessary clutter / materials removed form all rooms, deep cleaning at the end of each day, cleaning of all surfaces between clients, staff temperatures being taken before each clinic and recorded, no unnecessary visitors will attend (inc reps, family etc). If there is anything you’re not sure that we have covered, please feel free to ask us and we can reassure you. As registered nurses, infection prevention and control is embedded within our training and every day practice, however we have also completed CPD approved training from a CQC registered healthcare company specifically in the management of COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email.

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