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Policies & Procedures

Please do read the important information below relating to your appointment and contact us as soon as possible with any queries.

Finding Us.

The clinic’s address is 3a Hartsdown Road, Margate, CT95BB.

Please note, sat navs will not lead you directly to us- the clinic is situated down the driveway that runs parallel to the bridge on Hartsdown Road just as you turn off from the main Canterbury Road, our signpost is up on the wall, and we are the big silver building at the end of the drive.

Please feel free to park directly outside if spaces allow, if not there are 1-hour spaces on Canterbury Road or residential parking on the roads by the roundabout (All Saints Ave).

Please give us a call on 01843 639861 or 07468526494 if you get lost or have any problems finding us.

Deposits/ cancellations.

Please refer to our deposit/ cancellation policy and note that the £30 deposit will need to be retained if we do not receive 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We will always do our best to accommodate any requests and appreciate that circumstances can arise outside of your control, last minute, that cannot be avoided, however last-minute no shows or cancellations cost us a considerable amount of money in unused product and wages/time, so we have had to be quite strict with this policy.

Your appointment.

If you are a new customer or have not been to the clinic for at least 6 months, then please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete forms in the reception waiting area. Please read your information leaflets that you will receive via email before any treatment appointment and inform us if you do not receive these and we can ensure they are sent over.

Common points that are overlooked and could affect your appointment include; being on antibiotics, having dental treatment booked close to dermal filler appointments, going on holiday close to having treatment, having other treatments with other practitioners such as laser/ semipermanent tattooing.

Please check with us as soon as possible if you think any of these, or others (see info leaflets) could apply to you and may affect whether you can have treatment or not.

If you are unable to have treatment due to this, the cancellation / deposit policy will apply.

Please try to come to your appointments, MAKEUP FREE, as we do not allow time to remove makeup in your appointments. You are always welcome to arrive 10 minutes early to remove makeup- there is always makeup remover available in the customer toilet for this. We would really appreciate this as it not only reduces the risk of infection (from injections where makeup could contaminate through the skin), but also helps to ensure we are not running late for the next customer.

It is preferable that you attend appointments alone, to save on space in the clinic and also to reduce anxieties for yourself and other customers. Please kindly inform us beforehand if you are planning on bringing anyone along with you so that we can check whether there will be enough space and chairs.

We do not permit children in the clinic, but of course sometimes you will need to bring them along. This would need to be agreed on an individual basis prior to appointments with Managing Director Lucia and will depend upon each individuals’ circumstances, so please give us a call or text before to confirm.

No children however are allowed within the clinic treatment rooms at any time.

Animals must not enter the clinic unless for health / assistance in which case we ask that this be discussed prior to your appointment.

And lastly, we look forward to welcoming you to the clinic! We pride ourselves on being kind, caring and non-judgmental. We understand that visiting clinics can be daunting and make people feel anxious so please be assured we will do all we can to help you to have a positive experience.

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