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Derma Roller Treatment in Margate, Kent

Advanced skin micro-needling using the Genuine Derma Roller produces long lasting, natural regeneration of the skin with quality and safety assurance. This advanced procedure is designed to stimulate the skin to repair itself and leads to smoother, younger and healthier looking skin.

This treatment is indicated for:

  • Acne scarring
  • Photo damaged and ageing skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks

Tiny micro channels are formed within the skin by the roller, which stimulates the dermis to regenerate and repair itself over time, following the procedure. This means true results can take around one month to be seen, however the effects are much longer lasting. An initial course of 3 is recommended 6 weeks apart to produce the best results and maintenance may only be required annually following this.

Local anaesthetic cream is used prior to needling to minimise any discomfort and a cooling face mask will be applied post treatment to reduce redness and increase hydration. The skin will appear red and feel like it is sunburnt for a short while afterwards but this usually subsides over the next 24 hours. The use of a high sun protection following treatment with Genuine Derma Roller is compulsory as it can increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays. An effective skin care regime will also be drawn up for you at your appointment to enhance the effects of your micro needling treatment.

Each treatment includes an aftercare pack consisting of; Control Tactics post procedure gel and Heliocare SPF50.

Treatment Prices

One Treatment

From £210

Course of Three

Form £570

* Information and prices accurate at the time of publishing but are subject to change and will vary for each individual.

How to Book a Derma Roller Treatment

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